How Christians Can Profit from Ideas for A Successful Business

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All of us have had several great inspirations for products or services that we failed to act upon only to witness someone else using our idea to become wealthy.

The average person gets 3 to 4 money making ideas a year that can probably make them financially independent, but most people fail to follow up on them. So what is it that keeps Christian men from profiting from their ideas for creating their own business.
The Drive to Succeed

There is a story that illustrates this point, about a young man who graduated at the top of his class in high school and received a scholarship to Howard University and at his 10 year class reunion was recognized as one of the most successful people in his city. He told everyone how his father had been an abusive alcoholic and he worked hard so he wouldn’t end up like his dad.

His younger brother on the other hand, managed to throw away every dime he earned and lost job after job because of his problems with drugs and alcohol. He would tell all of his friends, if his father hadn’t been an abusive alcoholic he wouldn’t have ended up living on skid row.

Same family, different outcomes, why? Whether you profit from your ideas for a successful business depends heavily on how you view situations.

Setting Goals

The difference between the dreamer and the doer is not very much. One has clearly defined goals while dreamers lack specific goals. So what is it that stands between Christian men and materializing their ideas.

The root of the problem is procrastination and doubt. They work together to get you to stop in your tracks or fail to act at all. According to one of the country’s foremost experts on successful businessmen, Dr. Dennis Kimbro, these two culprits may be hindering Christians from profiting from their many ideas for success by fostering three feelings inside their mind.

How to Avoid Self-defeat

Low self image
The result of a false belief that we’re not good enough to succeed.

You don’t believe in yourself
This will cause you to become afraid to make mistakes or interact with others

Lack of faith
A lack of faith in yourself or a lack of faith in God can be harmful to you.

Each of these can rob you of the drive, desire and discipline to reach your goals.

Pursuing Your Business Ideas

You can attack these 3 enemies of success by surrounding yourself with your goals and ideas in both words and images.

Place your goals where you can see them when you shave. Put them where you can read them when you get up every morning, throughout the day and every night before you go to sleep.

Learn to recognize the signs of a doubt and procrastination. As a Christian man, you should never settle for giving less than your best effort on every task you undertake. Then nothing will be able to keep you from attaining the benefits that you deserve from harnessing your ideas for a successful business.

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