Why Christian Businesses Succeed in Any Economic Condition

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Many people are not aware of the biblical principles that work behind the scenes, to help Christians succeed in any economic condition. They are not new or special techniques, but spiritual principles that Christian businessmen can access everyday of their business life.

One of the most important principles is wisdom. It's enables you to judge situations from both a natural and spiritual perspective. It's one of the many benefits of letting God's Word guide your decision making processes.

It equips you with a discernment that other people don't have, because of that discernment, you'll be enabled to do what they can't do.

Wisdom will advance you in your business or career, keep you at peace (Prv 3:17-18). and provide you with a solution to any problem. (1 Cor 10:13)

How to Access Spiritual Wisdom

To obtain wisdom is simple. In the New Testament book of James (1:5) It says that all who ask can obtain wisdom from God. It requires you to bring every thought into obedience with the will of God (2 Co 10:5)

It's maintaining wisdom, that presents the biggest challenge for Christians. We have a cunning and persistent adversary who constantly tries to sabotage our faith in spiritual wisdom (2 Co 10:3-4). He uses fear, doubt and worry to hamper you from relying on spiritual wisdom.

Another thing that keeps most people from applying wisdom are the strongholds or mental thoughts process that they had before becoming a believer.

You probably heard some of the old wives tales and old adages that sound credible, but are not based on God's principles. There is safety in numbers and a bird in the hand is better than one in the bush are just a couple of them.

However, when you are guided by wisdom you walk by faith and not by sight. You begin to react based on what you know rather than what you feel or see.

Wisdom For Business Success

David Browne CEO and President of LensCrafters, has lived every entrepreneur’s dream. After a personal encounter with God, he began to realize that applying Christian principles to business was the only way win both morally and by the worlds measure of success.

He desired to emulate Jesus and began implementing a servant leadership model whereby he would strive to empower and encourage his employees instead of merely using them to fulfill his own objectives. It turned out to be a highly successful formula for his business.

David is quoted in "Living the Entrepreneurs Dream" saying, “ how can you really be a successful, complete person in business, politics, or in sports if you don’t know Christ?”

Faith in Action

Ask God to teach you to walk by faith.

How to Build a Successful Christian Business

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You can take control of your economic future by applying divine principles that businessmen have been using since antiquity to become successful. Once you align your company, business, and finances with these biblical principles you can not only build a successful Christian business, but everything you put your hand to do shall prosper.

These tried and proven principles of believing, trusting and honoring God with your wealth must be followed, by anyone who desires to become a successful Christian businessman.

Three Key Principles For Christian Businessmen

Trust...recognize that God is omnipotent and delights in the prosperity of his people, by allowing him to direct your steps through his Word , his spirit and his power. Ps. 37-3-4

Honor...give your time, talent and treasure to building his kingdom. Mat 6:33

Belief...confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that Jesus is Lord.Rm 10 9-10

How Christian Can Achieve Financial Freedom

These scriptural views should be considered the Basic Instructions for Businessmen, Leaders and Entrepreneurs.

Talk radio host and author Dave Ramsey, overcame millions of dollars of debt using these principles. Now he uses his nationally syndicated talk show as a platform to provide Biblically based business principles, common sense education and empowerment to gives hope to others.

These instructions were part of the law given to Moses for the children of Israel to follow however, their usage predate the Mosaic Law and are still in full force and effect in the present century.

Since we inherited the promise that was given to Abraham, we can expect whatever principles that worked for him, to work for us. And what distinguished Abraham from other people in his day, was how he honored, trusted and believed God's Word.

How Christian Businesses Can Prosper in Tough Economic Cycles

I'm sure some of you out there have been saying baugh humbug, to these biblical principles, for business success, mainly because you think giving is a burden and you can't afford to give, a bother, or unnecessary, don't be blinded to the truth.

The Bible clearly says that if you fail to follow this teaching you are a robbing God . During tough economic cycles having your mug shot posted in heaven with the word thief across the top, is not be a desirable strategy to follow.

Let me wrap this post up with one last thought.

You wouldn't think twice about tipping a waitress more than 10 percent for excellent service, but you have a problem giving to God who manages your health, finances, your future a measly 10 percent, Ummgh?

God's kingdom is built on trust and results, so it's important to have your finances, business and future well grounded and firmly rooted in his Word, because only the things you do for God will testify of your commitment to the kingdom.

Putting Your Faith to Work

Plan your budget around your tithes and offerings.

Three Key Characteristics Of Christian Entrepreneurs

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Most people aren't born leaders or creative geniuses. But there are three characteristics that I've identified that Christian entrepreneurs need to rise to the highest levels of success in business.

Many of the Christian businessmen that I have heralded on the pages of this blog share some common traits. These characteristics enabled them to transcend that fine line that separates an ordinary business owner from an entrepreneur.

Keys to Entrepreneurial Success

Vision is what you want to achieve. It's important because businessmen are often propelled forward by faith and not by what they see.

It wasn't what he saw, but what he imagined, that inspired a milkshake machine salesman, Ray Kroc to convince the McDonald Brothers to let him open a McDonald's in Illinois.

Entrepreneurs know how to translate their ideas and dreams into a vision to gain the support of others.

In Zachariah 4, an angel showed Zachariah a gold lamp stand with a bowl at the top and seven lights on it, flanked by two olive trees. These physical object bore a spiritual meaning that made them important. The angel explained to him, they represented the fullness of God's power through his Spirit.

Purpose is another key characteristic. Though often confused with vision, purpose is not what, but why you're trying to attain it.

Communication is another essential ingredient in becoming a Christian entrepreneur. You have to be able to articulate your vision in formal and informal methods to others.

When you combine these three characteristics together they give Christian businessmen the ability to stay focused, from the idea stage, on through design, testing and implementation.

They are also part of the unique, esprit de corps that lifts entrepreneurs above the fog of being an typical business owner.

How You Can Apply This Today

Stop waiting for all your ducks to get in a row before you try a new idea.

How Christian Businessmen Handle Tough Problems

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God never promised us that Christian life would be a worry-free existence. Every step you take will be challenged by Satan to discourage you from fulfilling your divine purpose in this generation.

So it should come as no surprise that Christian businessmen have to handle tough problems in their businesses. The Bible gives us an example of how to keep our faith, focus and fortitude during challenging situations, in the Old Testament Book of Daniel.

Daniel In The Loins Den

Despite a decree from the Darius, king of Persia, that anyone praying to any God or man besides him, would be thrown to the loins, the Old Testament Prophet Daniel remained loyal to God and prayed three times a day.
When his sentence was carried out, God sent his angel to shut the mouth of the loins and he was lifted out of the loins den without a single wound.

His adversaries alongwith their wives and children were selected to replace Daniel in the den, but before their bodies had reached the floor of the den, they were overpowered by the waiting loins.

Let me remind you of just a few of problems that several successful Christians entrepreneurs went through on the road to building their businesses.

Failure Is Not An Option When You Have Faith

In "Why faith Is Important For Christian Businessmen" I mentioned how Peter Daniels failed in three different businesses, but it was his faith in God that encouraged him to continue on the road to his God chosen purpose.

In his book "Purpose Driven Life" Rick Warren states that the only way you can discover your identity and purpose is through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Business By The Good Book

I'm sure that "How Christians Use Faith To Build A Stronger Business" captures Dave L. Steward's lowest moment in life, when he watched his car get repossessed from his office window.

He probably questioned why he had chosen to become a business owner instead of seeking a 9-5 job, but his answer was to keep his faith in God. And Steward was able to recover from his temporary setback.

How You Can Apply Your Faith Today

Stay on the path to your purpose in your business and expect God to give you the ability to get over the hurdles on your path, but don't expect them to be removed.