Why Faith Is Important For Christian Businessmen

What is it that you really want?

The principles that will help you realize any dreams for yourself and/or your business begins with faith.

It's the first step on the road to creating the life that you know you deserve.
Having faith in God is important because it provides Christians with a spiritual approach to life, so you can access to the power of God in any situation.

Whether it's in your business or your personal life, faith seems to make handling tough decisions and challenging problems faster and easier.

How to Use Your Faith

How is that you ask? Think of it this way. No matter how obsessively a runner trains his body for running, it's not until he is able to get his body and mind to focus on winning that he'll begin to experience victory.

Christians have to cast aside any thoughts of fear, flight or frustration.

Then, allow faith to dominate your spiritual mind share, while your outward focus is on maintaining your physical due diligence. This is a proven strategy for getting over any hurdles in life.

Christian Businessman Succeeds By Using Faith

There's a former bricklayer who was plagued by illiteracy and low self-esteem. It was only after attending a Billy Graham crusade that he developed a deep faith in God and begin to overcome his difficulties.

After reading over 5,000 biographies of successful businessmen he envisioned himself as an entrepreneur, but failed in 3 different businesses.

However, Peter J. Daniels continued to walk by faith and today this Christian businessman is one of the world's most generous philanthropists. He owns a large corporation and has served as a Director of several international companies.

His family owns the only private-owned silver and gold bullion bank in the world and he credits his faith in God as the motivating force that shaped his life.

Faith and The Ten Commandments

The Bible declares that without faith it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6), after all we were made for his glory. Faith strengthens your character. Once you learn to seek God's will in your daily life you'll have a disciplined approach to life, that will guide you through the best of times and the worst of times.

Peter Daniels is an example of how God prospers Christians that revere the principles found in the Ten Commandments, but without faith, he would have never benefited from the promises found in that important covenant.

How to Build Faith

Building faith is just like building muscles. It requires exercise to develop them and daily practice keeps them in optimum shape so that they'll be able to perform whenever you need them.

Later this week I'll clue you in on some faith building exercises for Christians.

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