How Christian Businessmen Handle Tough Problems

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God never promised us that Christian life would be a worry-free existence. Every step you take will be challenged by Satan to discourage you from fulfilling your divine purpose in this generation.

So it should come as no surprise that Christian businessmen have to handle tough problems in their businesses. The Bible gives us an example of how to keep our faith, focus and fortitude during challenging situations, in the Old Testament Book of Daniel.

Daniel In The Loins Den

Despite a decree from the Darius, king of Persia, that anyone praying to any God or man besides him, would be thrown to the loins, the Old Testament Prophet Daniel remained loyal to God and prayed three times a day.
When his sentence was carried out, God sent his angel to shut the mouth of the loins and he was lifted out of the loins den without a single wound.

His adversaries alongwith their wives and children were selected to replace Daniel in the den, but before their bodies had reached the floor of the den, they were overpowered by the waiting loins.

Let me remind you of just a few of problems that several successful Christians entrepreneurs went through on the road to building their businesses.

Failure Is Not An Option When You Have Faith

In "Why faith Is Important For Christian Businessmen" I mentioned how Peter Daniels failed in three different businesses, but it was his faith in God that encouraged him to continue on the road to his God chosen purpose.

In his book "Purpose Driven Life" Rick Warren states that the only way you can discover your identity and purpose is through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Business By The Good Book

I'm sure that "How Christians Use Faith To Build A Stronger Business" captures Dave L. Steward's lowest moment in life, when he watched his car get repossessed from his office window.

He probably questioned why he had chosen to become a business owner instead of seeking a 9-5 job, but his answer was to keep his faith in God. And Steward was able to recover from his temporary setback.

How You Can Apply Your Faith Today

Stay on the path to your purpose in your business and expect God to give you the ability to get over the hurdles on your path, but don't expect them to be removed.

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