How to Build a Successful Christian Business

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You can take control of your economic future by applying divine principles that businessmen have been using since antiquity to become successful. Once you align your company, business, and finances with these biblical principles you can not only build a successful Christian business, but everything you put your hand to do shall prosper.

These tried and proven principles of believing, trusting and honoring God with your wealth must be followed, by anyone who desires to become a successful Christian businessman.

Three Key Principles For Christian Businessmen

Trust...recognize that God is omnipotent and delights in the prosperity of his people, by allowing him to direct your steps through his Word , his spirit and his power. Ps. 37-3-4

Honor...give your time, talent and treasure to building his kingdom. Mat 6:33

Belief...confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that Jesus is Lord.Rm 10 9-10

How Christian Can Achieve Financial Freedom

These scriptural views should be considered the Basic Instructions for Businessmen, Leaders and Entrepreneurs.

Talk radio host and author Dave Ramsey, overcame millions of dollars of debt using these principles. Now he uses his nationally syndicated talk show as a platform to provide Biblically based business principles, common sense education and empowerment to gives hope to others.

These instructions were part of the law given to Moses for the children of Israel to follow however, their usage predate the Mosaic Law and are still in full force and effect in the present century.

Since we inherited the promise that was given to Abraham, we can expect whatever principles that worked for him, to work for us. And what distinguished Abraham from other people in his day, was how he honored, trusted and believed God's Word.

How Christian Businesses Can Prosper in Tough Economic Cycles

I'm sure some of you out there have been saying baugh humbug, to these biblical principles, for business success, mainly because you think giving is a burden and you can't afford to give, a bother, or unnecessary, don't be blinded to the truth.

The Bible clearly says that if you fail to follow this teaching you are a robbing God . During tough economic cycles having your mug shot posted in heaven with the word thief across the top, is not be a desirable strategy to follow.

Let me wrap this post up with one last thought.

You wouldn't think twice about tipping a waitress more than 10 percent for excellent service, but you have a problem giving to God who manages your health, finances, your future a measly 10 percent, Ummgh?

God's kingdom is built on trust and results, so it's important to have your finances, business and future well grounded and firmly rooted in his Word, because only the things you do for God will testify of your commitment to the kingdom.

Putting Your Faith to Work

Plan your budget around your tithes and offerings.

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