5 Benefits Of Managing Your Business Using Biblical Principles

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Honesty and integrity are the trademarks of Christian businessmen and both his company and his lifestyle should reflect these characteristics. There is a tire store in Virginia, that has been recognized by others in its industry for its success and its Christian businessowner models his management style from a unique resource.

Characteristics Of Christian Businessmen

Steve Craven, president of Fairfax, Va.-based Craven Tire & Auto, turns to the Bible instead of business and self-help books to find successful principles and practices to operate his business and his life.

Steve is active in several Christian organizations and serves as an elder in his church. He is a board member for Faith in the Family, an organization devoted to strengthening families and a member of the advisory council of Joe Gibbs’ Youth for Tomorrow Foundation.

Business Principles From the Bible

Mr Craven feels strongly about his commitment to God and manages his business using a religious-based philosophy because, he believes that the Bible can be used to answer any questions on morality, business or life. Craven, calls the Bible his moral standard and business handbook.

A Higher Standard of Living

This Christian business owner's high level of commitment to his customers and community has helped his tire service grow from a small gas station into a multi-location tire outlet.

Steve was recognized by his colleagues, for his contributions to his community in Fairfax, Va with the "Tire Business Humanitarian Award" in 2005.

The Bible points out in Proverbs 16 that when you are committed to the Lord he will establish your thoughts and direct your steps and that obtaining Godly wisdom provides a higher standard of living and a reward that is more precious than silver and gold.

Benefits of Managing Your Business Using Biblical Principles

Long Life
Paths of Peace

One brief look at Craven's success in business and it's easy to see that he has been blessed in each of the areas that are listed in Proverbs 16.

The Bible declares these benefits on the lives of every Christian who uses Godly wisdom.

If your perspective on life and business is based only on the physical things that you see, then you overlooking the spiritual aspects of life and 50% of what really matters.

A Biblical Principle You Can Apply Today!

Ask God, in prayer, for wisdom in your business decisions.

How Christians Use Faith To Build Stronger Businesses

Ten Commandments being smashed

There is an ancient text that is motivating Christian businessmen to forge businesses that are not driven by how much money they may earn, but they seek to serve and to give to others.

The tenets found on the pages of "The Bible," have become a source of inspiration and guidance for many Christian entrepreneurs like Dave L. Steward , who used faith to build a stronger business.

He founded World Wide Technology Inc. (WWT), a leading electronic procurement and logistics company in the information-technology (IT) and telecommunications industry.

Doing Business By the Good Book

It requires a tremendous amount of faith to rise above your fears and self-doubt and do business outside the box. In his book Doing Business by the Good Book: Fifty-Two Lessons on Success Straight from the Bible, Steward notes that
our challenges are minuscule when compared to Noah's task in Genesis.

Dave built his business based on principles from the Scriptures and uses the Bible, both Old and New Testaments to teach a Sunday school class for other businesspeople, to help them focus on how to work together and succeed honestly and righteously in today's global marketplace.

Lessons In Faith

Success didn't happen in the blink of an eye. It took business savvy, years of hard work and all the faith a man could muster to overcome the adversities Steward experienced in his business. At one point in 1993, things were so tight, a collection company repossessed his car from the company parking lot.

Eventually he was able to silence the doubting Thomases, those who shun risk and choose a fear based lifestyle all the while trying to discourage others from living their dreams.

Steward is a successful African American businessman and a Christian whofulfills the essence of the "Great Commission," to do God's work, in his daily life and through his business by remaining obedient and seeking favor from the Lord.

Stories of Faith In The Bible




Jesus served others. In Luke 6:38, Christ said: "Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will it be put into your lap; for the measure you give will be the measure you get back." The Christian entrepreneurial spirit should be fueled by a charge of servitude instead of yielding to our modern culture's self-serving philosophy.

How to apply your faith today!

Choose a scripture from the Bible as your personal mantra instead of a cunning quip or quote from a book.

How Christians Use Faith In Their Business

Rodin's Thinker-Man sitting on stumpRichard Headrick thought he could live a double-life, talking the talk, but not walking the walk of Jesus. It left him feeling like he was racing against the wind.

He was shot at, cut with a knife and had his skull fractured from being pistol whipped. He was a spiritual weakling, but he continued to seek, trust and praise God and begin to use faith in his business strategy.

God has given every Christian a measure of faith and the more you hear the word of God and allow it to penetrate your heart the more your faith can mature and grow.

Building faith is not as strenuous as building muscles, but it is equally as important. It's the strongest foundation you can use for making decisions and solving problems whether it's in your finances, marriage or business.

How to Build Your Faith

The two ways believers can develop stronger faith in God are by following scriptural principles and/or a spiritual perspective. These doctrines will strengthen your faith and guide Christian businessmen to become better decision makers, doers and not just hearers of the word of God.

It doesn't matter whether you are aware of them or not scriptural principles impact everything around us. Maintaining a spiritual perspective is what sets Christian homes and businesses apart from the crowd.

How Spiritual Principles Affect Your Business.

The spiritual principles outlined in the Bible weren't put there for the mere value of the words, but to act as beacons of light, to illuminate the way for believers to keep them from straying off the path of righteousness.

Using a spiritual perspective provides Christians with a higher level of thinking, so high above the fog, that your results can achieve higher returns on your investment.

Facing the difficult circumstances that Richard faced, is not unusual for him or any Christians. Paul and other early church leaders were sometimes beaten, stoned and forced to battle wild beast.

Running A Business By Biblical Principles

In the early 1990's Richard faced a daunting situation in his outdoor advertising business. It was hit by a financial crisis causing his companies' sales to plummet from $8 million in 1988 to $500,000 by 1992.

Finally Headrick landed a huge deal with the casino industry in Mississippi. Then God spoke to him and and told him to get out of that business and he did. His moral compass pointed to the spiritual perspectives of displaying ads that weren't bringing glory to God and he decided that he could not compromise his Christian convictions and canceled the contracts.

Within a year, the amount of revenue he lost by not doing business with the casinos equaled one-half the revenue he gained from all of the unexpected new business. Headrick says, personal experience has proven to him it is possible to run a successful business based on biblical principles.

Scriptural Principals In Business

It's one thing to call yourself a Christian. It's something totally different to let Jesus be Lord of your life. Proverbs 3 reminds us to trust God, honoring him with your wealth and committing to the Lord whatever you do, then your plans will succeed.

Applying your faith today:

Pray for the success of your business goals and let your faith become the wow factor in your business.

Why Faith Is Important For Christian Businessmen

What is it that you really want?

The principles that will help you realize any dreams for yourself and/or your business begins with faith.

It's the first step on the road to creating the life that you know you deserve.
Having faith in God is important because it provides Christians with a spiritual approach to life, so you can access to the power of God in any situation.

Whether it's in your business or your personal life, faith seems to make handling tough decisions and challenging problems faster and easier.

How to Use Your Faith

How is that you ask? Think of it this way. No matter how obsessively a runner trains his body for running, it's not until he is able to get his body and mind to focus on winning that he'll begin to experience victory.

Christians have to cast aside any thoughts of fear, flight or frustration.

Then, allow faith to dominate your spiritual mind share, while your outward focus is on maintaining your physical due diligence. This is a proven strategy for getting over any hurdles in life.

Christian Businessman Succeeds By Using Faith

There's a former bricklayer who was plagued by illiteracy and low self-esteem. It was only after attending a Billy Graham crusade that he developed a deep faith in God and begin to overcome his difficulties.

After reading over 5,000 biographies of successful businessmen he envisioned himself as an entrepreneur, but failed in 3 different businesses.

However, Peter J. Daniels continued to walk by faith and today this Christian businessman is one of the world's most generous philanthropists. He owns a large corporation and has served as a Director of several international companies.

His family owns the only private-owned silver and gold bullion bank in the world and he credits his faith in God as the motivating force that shaped his life.

Faith and The Ten Commandments

The Bible declares that without faith it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6), after all we were made for his glory. Faith strengthens your character. Once you learn to seek God's will in your daily life you'll have a disciplined approach to life, that will guide you through the best of times and the worst of times.

Peter Daniels is an example of how God prospers Christians that revere the principles found in the Ten Commandments, but without faith, he would have never benefited from the promises found in that important covenant.

How to Build Faith

Building faith is just like building muscles. It requires exercise to develop them and daily practice keeps them in optimum shape so that they'll be able to perform whenever you need them.

Later this week I'll clue you in on some faith building exercises for Christians.

How Christians Use Spiritual Laws To Create Business Sucess


Multiplication was injected into our spiritual genes when God told Adam to go forth and multiply.

By using real estate and automobiles Tom Anderson flipped houses and cars to multiply his income and build a nest egg for his family. Now he teaches others how they can replicate this process to gain financial success.

He's written a book, "How to Become A Millionaire God's Way" sharing spiritual laws that encourage starting businesses, to allow everyone to learn how they too, can become successful Christian businessmen.

Dr. Thomas Anderson and his wife Maureen, founded The Living Word Bible Church in Mesa, AZ. Their ministry focuses on building stronger families and being a training center for the church body.

Dr. Anderson, a Christian businessman and pastor leads seminars at his church and around the world instructing how to build businesses based on spiritual laws from the Bible.

Making Millionaires

couple in front of house
Since Dr. Anderson began sharing this millionaire message he has helped over one hundred people in his church who started with literally nothing to become millionaires.

They were coached by their pastor to buy products that they could resell for a profit. New products, used products or whatever they could find to resell until their resources were multiplied into the millions.

Dr. Thomas Anderson says his earnest desire is not to get money from you, but to you. He wants every Christian to understand the Bible can be their roadmap from poverty to prosperity.

Spiritual Principles From the Bible

Proverbs 8:21

Matthew 19:29

Galatians 3:29

Malachi 3:10

These are not secret formulas, but promises from God for guidance in personal and business success for Christians to meditate on.

Successful Christians

The Bible recounts many stories of people who've combined their commitment to God and faith to have a better life.

Read about Job, unlike many of the people in the Bible he was not a ruler, a prophet or a disciple, he was a businessman. He suddenly became vexed with poor health, financial problems and the personal loss of all of his children.

Despite these life-challenging experiences he maintained his integrity and commitment to God. The latter part of his life was blessed to have more children and regained twice as many assets than he lost.

God has always raised up successful Christians like Philemon, Dale Carnegie and Dr. Anderson, who were blessed with the ability to teach others their knowledge of the Bible and how to succeed in business, so more followers can contribute financially to the growth of the Church and the spreading of the Gospel to the world.

The Key Ingredient to Becoming a Successful Christian Businessman

line shack in mountains

Spending the formative years of life in a shack without running water or electricity is not the usual beginnings for a millionaire.

It was for one such man who, later in life, learned how to use biblical principles as key ingredients to become a successful Christian Businessman.

For centuries Godly men and women have displayed a special kind of spirited leadership that has propelled their companies and careers to the highest levels of achievement.

Biblical Keys For Business Success
Bible on a Keychain
If you take a look at all their stories it's easy to identify commitment as the key ingredient that is essential for Christian Businessmen to succeed in life and business.

It's not surprising to find that all of them had a genuine commitment to working hard and providing the highest quality product or service in their market.

However, their uniqueness stems from a strong belief in the principles from the Bible and how they placed their commitment to God above all else.

The Bible and Business

cover of How to become a millionaire God's Way

C. Thomas Anderson or his book "How To Become A Millionaire God's Way isn't a new phenomenon.

The Bible is filled with stories of Christian men like Joseph, Daniel and others who stayed the course and used Godly wisdom to succeed, despite any challenges or threats on their life or liberty.

Christ implored us in many of his sermons to not forsake our commitment to God and revealed in Matthew 6:33 seeking the Kingdom of God should be our first priority.

Anderson's book doesn't reveal a secret formula or a magic spell that will help you achieve real success. It advises readers to combine their faith and a commitment to God and the biblical principles of multiplying your seed to become successful in business.

Later in the week I'll tell you just how many people he claims to have helped and exactly how many of them have reached their millionaire status.