How Christians Use Faith In Their Business

Rodin's Thinker-Man sitting on stumpRichard Headrick thought he could live a double-life, talking the talk, but not walking the walk of Jesus. It left him feeling like he was racing against the wind.

He was shot at, cut with a knife and had his skull fractured from being pistol whipped. He was a spiritual weakling, but he continued to seek, trust and praise God and begin to use faith in his business strategy.

God has given every Christian a measure of faith and the more you hear the word of God and allow it to penetrate your heart the more your faith can mature and grow.

Building faith is not as strenuous as building muscles, but it is equally as important. It's the strongest foundation you can use for making decisions and solving problems whether it's in your finances, marriage or business.

How to Build Your Faith

The two ways believers can develop stronger faith in God are by following scriptural principles and/or a spiritual perspective. These doctrines will strengthen your faith and guide Christian businessmen to become better decision makers, doers and not just hearers of the word of God.

It doesn't matter whether you are aware of them or not scriptural principles impact everything around us. Maintaining a spiritual perspective is what sets Christian homes and businesses apart from the crowd.

How Spiritual Principles Affect Your Business.

The spiritual principles outlined in the Bible weren't put there for the mere value of the words, but to act as beacons of light, to illuminate the way for believers to keep them from straying off the path of righteousness.

Using a spiritual perspective provides Christians with a higher level of thinking, so high above the fog, that your results can achieve higher returns on your investment.

Facing the difficult circumstances that Richard faced, is not unusual for him or any Christians. Paul and other early church leaders were sometimes beaten, stoned and forced to battle wild beast.

Running A Business By Biblical Principles

In the early 1990's Richard faced a daunting situation in his outdoor advertising business. It was hit by a financial crisis causing his companies' sales to plummet from $8 million in 1988 to $500,000 by 1992.

Finally Headrick landed a huge deal with the casino industry in Mississippi. Then God spoke to him and and told him to get out of that business and he did. His moral compass pointed to the spiritual perspectives of displaying ads that weren't bringing glory to God and he decided that he could not compromise his Christian convictions and canceled the contracts.

Within a year, the amount of revenue he lost by not doing business with the casinos equaled one-half the revenue he gained from all of the unexpected new business. Headrick says, personal experience has proven to him it is possible to run a successful business based on biblical principles.

Scriptural Principals In Business

It's one thing to call yourself a Christian. It's something totally different to let Jesus be Lord of your life. Proverbs 3 reminds us to trust God, honoring him with your wealth and committing to the Lord whatever you do, then your plans will succeed.

Applying your faith today:

Pray for the success of your business goals and let your faith become the wow factor in your business.

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