The Key Ingredient to Becoming a Successful Christian Businessman

line shack in mountains

Spending the formative years of life in a shack without running water or electricity is not the usual beginnings for a millionaire.

It was for one such man who, later in life, learned how to use biblical principles as key ingredients to become a successful Christian Businessman.

For centuries Godly men and women have displayed a special kind of spirited leadership that has propelled their companies and careers to the highest levels of achievement.

Biblical Keys For Business Success
Bible on a Keychain
If you take a look at all their stories it's easy to identify commitment as the key ingredient that is essential for Christian Businessmen to succeed in life and business.

It's not surprising to find that all of them had a genuine commitment to working hard and providing the highest quality product or service in their market.

However, their uniqueness stems from a strong belief in the principles from the Bible and how they placed their commitment to God above all else.

The Bible and Business

cover of How to become a millionaire God's Way

C. Thomas Anderson or his book "How To Become A Millionaire God's Way isn't a new phenomenon.

The Bible is filled with stories of Christian men like Joseph, Daniel and others who stayed the course and used Godly wisdom to succeed, despite any challenges or threats on their life or liberty.

Christ implored us in many of his sermons to not forsake our commitment to God and revealed in Matthew 6:33 seeking the Kingdom of God should be our first priority.

Anderson's book doesn't reveal a secret formula or a magic spell that will help you achieve real success. It advises readers to combine their faith and a commitment to God and the biblical principles of multiplying your seed to become successful in business.

Later in the week I'll tell you just how many people he claims to have helped and exactly how many of them have reached their millionaire status.

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