5 Benefits Of Managing Your Business Using Biblical Principles

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Honesty and integrity are the trademarks of Christian businessmen and both his company and his lifestyle should reflect these characteristics. There is a tire store in Virginia, that has been recognized by others in its industry for its success and its Christian businessowner models his management style from a unique resource.

Characteristics Of Christian Businessmen

Steve Craven, president of Fairfax, Va.-based Craven Tire & Auto, turns to the Bible instead of business and self-help books to find successful principles and practices to operate his business and his life.

Steve is active in several Christian organizations and serves as an elder in his church. He is a board member for Faith in the Family, an organization devoted to strengthening families and a member of the advisory council of Joe Gibbs’ Youth for Tomorrow Foundation.

Business Principles From the Bible

Mr Craven feels strongly about his commitment to God and manages his business using a religious-based philosophy because, he believes that the Bible can be used to answer any questions on morality, business or life. Craven, calls the Bible his moral standard and business handbook.

A Higher Standard of Living

This Christian business owner's high level of commitment to his customers and community has helped his tire service grow from a small gas station into a multi-location tire outlet.

Steve was recognized by his colleagues, for his contributions to his community in Fairfax, Va with the "Tire Business Humanitarian Award" in 2005.

The Bible points out in Proverbs 16 that when you are committed to the Lord he will establish your thoughts and direct your steps and that obtaining Godly wisdom provides a higher standard of living and a reward that is more precious than silver and gold.

Benefits of Managing Your Business Using Biblical Principles

Long Life
Paths of Peace

One brief look at Craven's success in business and it's easy to see that he has been blessed in each of the areas that are listed in Proverbs 16.

The Bible declares these benefits on the lives of every Christian who uses Godly wisdom.

If your perspective on life and business is based only on the physical things that you see, then you overlooking the spiritual aspects of life and 50% of what really matters.

A Biblical Principle You Can Apply Today!

Ask God, in prayer, for wisdom in your business decisions.

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