Ten Things Every Christian Should Know About Christmas

car decorated with Christmas lights

As you gather your family to celebrate Christmas make it a joyous occasion and not one that is tainted with ritual and regret. Celebrating the birth of Christ can be a special event if you remember to keep it holy.

1. Christmas, the celebrated birthday of Jesus Christ was incorporated into the Roman Catholic Church in the 5th century. Prior to that time December 25th was a day set aside for pagan worship.

2. The Roman Feast celebrating the birth of Sol, the sun god was celebrated on December 25th.

3.The pagan feast and the Christian Holiday became one when the custom of giving gifts was adopted from the legend of St. Nicholas.

4. Jesus was not born in the wintertime.

5. The decorating of fir trees is mentioned in the Bible and Christmas trees have become an idol for modern man.

6. There are more suicides in December than any other month.

7. More deaths occur in December than in other months.

8. The Lord tells us to commemorate his death, through the Lord's Supper.

9. The name Christmas comes from the Roman Catholic "Christ Mass" instituted in 5th century and celebrated on December 25th.

10. Americans pile up more consumer debt in December than any other month of the year.

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Merry Christmas to all.Wish you all a tremendous joy in all walks of life.

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