How Christian Business Owners Can Prosper in Tough Economic Cycles

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Smart business owners and entrepreneurs who want their companies to remain strong as America's economic infrastructure goes into a tailspin know the best option is to follow, focus and have faith in God.
The creator has always given Christians the wisdom to prosper in tough economic cycles. Remember how Joseph's divine wisdom helped Egypt avoid a world-wide famine in Gen 41:56.

Christian-oriented Management Tools

Even during the "Great Depression" a small group of businessmen, Milton Hershey, Andre Carnegie and George McMurty were able to flourish and succeed. They infused God's power into their businesses by rejecting the exploitative practices towards employees that prevailed in the marketplace and embraced charity, benevolence and other Christian ideals (Mal 3:5)as management tools.

Today's Christian entrepreneurs and business owners who stretch their ideas and minds to make a paradigm shit from the traditional methods to adopting a wholistic, (spiritual and physical) approach to business activities are still being empowered by God to succeed.

Businessmen Who Made A Leap of Faith

Check out a few of key examples from around the world that can inspire you to make a leap of faith.

The 2006 Nobel Peace Prize winner Garmeen Bank.


A Colorado farmer in this Christian World News Video.

Wholistic/Biblical Business Principles

There should be more businesses where, prayer and planning go hand in hand, customer relationship management is modeled after the unconditional love of Christ and restoration of the church and the community are equally important.

Imagine the impact that could be made in your market, if you harnessed the (wholistic) physical and spiritual resources available; to find your niche, craft creative marketing strategies or any business activity?

The same Christ that died to save our souls, wants to save our communities and save Christian businesses too.

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JCL said...

Good article! "Seek ye *first* the Kingdom of God, and the rest will be added unto you".