How to Operate A Successful Christian Business

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I was surfing through Ning the other day and encountered Candie A Price's Ministry minded "Christian prenuers" discussion on "what is the hardest part of operating a Christian business?" I'd like to offer my take on the subject, for anyone who is "sweating the load" while trying to operate a successful Christan Business.

5 Challenges Facing Christian Businesses

In business, having a well researched business plan comes in handy. You do have a business plan? Effective business plans identify potential problems in key areas and provide several possible solutions to these issues:

Financial Management

These areas are where you can expect to have your toughest challenges when you are operating a Christian Business. So, follow the old adage, " plan your work and work your plan" and don't trip about, what if it don't work out, what if it does!

Why Christian Entrepreneurs Are Growing In Today's Marketplace

Over seventy-five percent of the U S population are Christians and the need for Christian-owned businesses for them to spend their money with is growing. According to the an article in Shopping Center Today, more than
75 percent shop at a Christian store at least once a quarter, and 59 percent spend between $51 and $250 per year on products.

What Makes Christian Business Unique?

Christian businessmen have to be prepared, challenges will come, to paraphrase another scripture, you'll get the victory if you faint not.

The Apostle Paul endured some of his roughest times while he was starting fellowships in different communities. He suffered beatings, jailing, attempted stoning and was often conspired against.

In his letter to Timothy (Tim 3:11-13) he reminded him, Christians who wants to live a Godly life will find themselves going through trials and test, but God will deliver you from them all.

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