How Christians Can Start And Build A Successful Business

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On the road to building a business you don't have to turn down the path that ends with your great idea becoming a job that provides lots of work and very little pay. There are several important principles you can follow if you own, or plan to start a Christian business.

Please allow me the liberty as a writer to summarize how Christians can increase their chance for business success, by pointing-out that there are really only two ways to become successful.

The Two Keys to A Successful Christian Business

The first method is to take a small business guru to lunch and ask him how he became successful and do everything that he did.

The other way is to take a businessman who went bankrupt to lunch ask him what he did and make sure you don't make those same mistakes.

Honestly that's, in essence why thousands value the advice offered by Brian Tracy, Micheal Gerber and other gurus who have helped many businessmen avoid the crash and burn syndrome and other risk associated with operating a small business.

Christian Business Advice

Christian businessmen should actively pursue learning everything they can, from the soup to the nuts, about operating a business.

Gerber says. "Creating a successful business is a learnable, replicable experience that anyone can go through."
Sure, franchises offer a sense of security as a successful business model for tried and tested products, what about the bootstrapping Christian entrepreneur with an idea for a unique product?

How to Build A Better Business

"Seek and ye shall find" is a biblical principle that should be familiar to most Christian businessowners and can applied to guide you to prosper in the marketplace.

When it's interwoven into a business strategy it represent the need to consistently seek answers to business problem and not rely on trial and error as a business strategy.

It's unrealistic to think you can wear every hat as a Christian businessman (marketer, manager, salesmen, parent) and not be lacking in one of the key areas. Getting advice from other professionals will allow you to move faster toward your business goals.

So, to start a successful business or get one back on the right track,

Christians can minimize their mistakes by getting mentored, taught and trained in critical skill areas.

Continuously seek guidance from other professionals before you start and every step of the way.

Then, Christian entrepreneurs won't find themselves working long hard hours toward their American dream only to be faced with having to close-up shop, because they've run out of money, energy or both.

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