How to Operate A Successful Christian Business

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I was surfing through Ning the other day and encountered Candie A Price's Ministry minded "Christian prenuers" discussion on "what is the hardest part of operating a Christian business?" I'd like to offer my take on the subject, for anyone who is "sweating the load" while trying to operate a successful Christan Business.

5 Challenges Facing Christian Businesses

In business, having a well researched business plan comes in handy. You do have a business plan? Effective business plans identify potential problems in key areas and provide several possible solutions to these issues:

Financial Management

These areas are where you can expect to have your toughest challenges when you are operating a Christian Business. So, follow the old adage, " plan your work and work your plan" and don't trip about, what if it don't work out, what if it does!

Why Christian Entrepreneurs Are Growing In Today's Marketplace

Over seventy-five percent of the U S population are Christians and the need for Christian-owned businesses for them to spend their money with is growing. According to the an article in Shopping Center Today, more than
75 percent shop at a Christian store at least once a quarter, and 59 percent spend between $51 and $250 per year on products.

What Makes Christian Business Unique?

Christian businessmen have to be prepared, challenges will come, to paraphrase another scripture, you'll get the victory if you faint not.

The Apostle Paul endured some of his roughest times while he was starting fellowships in different communities. He suffered beatings, jailing, attempted stoning and was often conspired against.

In his letter to Timothy (Tim 3:11-13) he reminded him, Christians who wants to live a Godly life will find themselves going through trials and test, but God will deliver you from them all.

Ten Things Every Christian Should Know About Christmas

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As you gather your family to celebrate Christmas make it a joyous occasion and not one that is tainted with ritual and regret. Celebrating the birth of Christ can be a special event if you remember to keep it holy.

1. Christmas, the celebrated birthday of Jesus Christ was incorporated into the Roman Catholic Church in the 5th century. Prior to that time December 25th was a day set aside for pagan worship.

2. The Roman Feast celebrating the birth of Sol, the sun god was celebrated on December 25th.

3.The pagan feast and the Christian Holiday became one when the custom of giving gifts was adopted from the legend of St. Nicholas.

4. Jesus was not born in the wintertime.

5. The decorating of fir trees is mentioned in the Bible and Christmas trees have become an idol for modern man.

6. There are more suicides in December than any other month.

7. More deaths occur in December than in other months.

8. The Lord tells us to commemorate his death, through the Lord's Supper.

9. The name Christmas comes from the Roman Catholic "Christ Mass" instituted in 5th century and celebrated on December 25th.

10. Americans pile up more consumer debt in December than any other month of the year.

How Christians Can Start And Build A Successful Business

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On the road to building a business you don't have to turn down the path that ends with your great idea becoming a job that provides lots of work and very little pay. There are several important principles you can follow if you own, or plan to start a Christian business.

Please allow me the liberty as a writer to summarize how Christians can increase their chance for business success, by pointing-out that there are really only two ways to become successful.

The Two Keys to A Successful Christian Business

The first method is to take a small business guru to lunch and ask him how he became successful and do everything that he did.

The other way is to take a businessman who went bankrupt to lunch ask him what he did and make sure you don't make those same mistakes.

Honestly that's, in essence why thousands value the advice offered by Brian Tracy, Micheal Gerber and other gurus who have helped many businessmen avoid the crash and burn syndrome and other risk associated with operating a small business.

Christian Business Advice

Christian businessmen should actively pursue learning everything they can, from the soup to the nuts, about operating a business.

Gerber says. "Creating a successful business is a learnable, replicable experience that anyone can go through."
Sure, franchises offer a sense of security as a successful business model for tried and tested products, what about the bootstrapping Christian entrepreneur with an idea for a unique product?

How to Build A Better Business

"Seek and ye shall find" is a biblical principle that should be familiar to most Christian businessowners and can applied to guide you to prosper in the marketplace.

When it's interwoven into a business strategy it represent the need to consistently seek answers to business problem and not rely on trial and error as a business strategy.

It's unrealistic to think you can wear every hat as a Christian businessman (marketer, manager, salesmen, parent) and not be lacking in one of the key areas. Getting advice from other professionals will allow you to move faster toward your business goals.

So, to start a successful business or get one back on the right track,

Christians can minimize their mistakes by getting mentored, taught and trained in critical skill areas.

Continuously seek guidance from other professionals before you start and every step of the way.

Then, Christian entrepreneurs won't find themselves working long hard hours toward their American dream only to be faced with having to close-up shop, because they've run out of money, energy or both.

How Christian Business Owners Can Prosper in Tough Economic Cycles

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Smart business owners and entrepreneurs who want their companies to remain strong as America's economic infrastructure goes into a tailspin know the best option is to follow, focus and have faith in God.
The creator has always given Christians the wisdom to prosper in tough economic cycles. Remember how Joseph's divine wisdom helped Egypt avoid a world-wide famine in Gen 41:56.

Christian-oriented Management Tools

Even during the "Great Depression" a small group of businessmen, Milton Hershey, Andre Carnegie and George McMurty were able to flourish and succeed. They infused God's power into their businesses by rejecting the exploitative practices towards employees that prevailed in the marketplace and embraced charity, benevolence and other Christian ideals (Mal 3:5)as management tools.

Today's Christian entrepreneurs and business owners who stretch their ideas and minds to make a paradigm shit from the traditional methods to adopting a wholistic, (spiritual and physical) approach to business activities are still being empowered by God to succeed.

Businessmen Who Made A Leap of Faith

Check out a few of key examples from around the world that can inspire you to make a leap of faith.

The 2006 Nobel Peace Prize winner Garmeen Bank.


A Colorado farmer in this Christian World News Video.

Wholistic/Biblical Business Principles

There should be more businesses where, prayer and planning go hand in hand, customer relationship management is modeled after the unconditional love of Christ and restoration of the church and the community are equally important.

Imagine the impact that could be made in your market, if you harnessed the (wholistic) physical and spiritual resources available; to find your niche, craft creative marketing strategies or any business activity?

The same Christ that died to save our souls, wants to save our communities and save Christian businesses too.