Faith-How to Access the Power of God

ben Priest, Tribe of Judah

Ben's grandmother pulled out a tattered calendar marking the days and nights that God had awakened her to pray for him. The dates told their own story. How he'd survived a fire. How he'd miraculously lifted a Lincoln Continental off his stomach and walked away. Each miraculous escape from death was preceded by a prayer of faith.

Today Ben Priest, from the Tribe of Judah, a Christian motorcycle club knows how to access the power of God for himself. Before accepting Christ into his life he seldom prayed and never dreamed that his life would become a living testimony of faith.

Power to Witness

Christ told his disciples that God was about to unleash his power upon men (Acts 1:8). This power is available to all who call upon the name of Jesus. He also wants us to use this power to share his word, the truth, with the others.

The world needs Christian men to become missionaries, preachers and teachers of God's word. We are told in Th Bible to not worry about what we will say because God will send the holy spirit to guide us as we talk to others about our faith in Christ.

Power to Overcome

Christians have been given access to the power of God to enable us to overcome the evil one.

The Bible warns us to guard our spiritual condition. When Paul explained it to the Ephesians (6:12) he told them to protect themselves with the armour of God. Faith, salvation, truth and righteousness are among the weapons Christian men need to battle spiritual wickedness.

The power comes through spending time in prayer and meditating on God's word.

Words of Faith

word of God

Using the word of God to create the life that God says you can have requires a simple change, a renewing of your mind. A Christian's mindset is a key element in getting the right words to have an impact on their situation. Your mind has to be focused on what God says about you and not on what family you were born into, your profession or your income status.

It's the words that Christian men use that will build their faith and strengthen them in any situation. The words that you say should reflect your faith and what you believe. So once Christians begin placing God's words from The Bible, in their heart to replace those old words of defeat, they can expect to see positive changes and even
God's word says:

You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.

You are more than a conqueror.

You can call those things that be not as though they are.

God will grant you the desires of your heart.

With God nothing is impossible.

Christian men are transforming themselves from losers into winners by following the example in Roman 12 that when you renew your mind you can accomplish the acceptable will of God.

Faith: How to Focus on Winning Instead of Losing

Words are the tools that empower faith. Situations are created by the words that you say. The Holy Bible states the power of life and death are in the tongue (Pr 18:21). So how do you go from using your own words to defeat yourself, to building a winning vocabulary?

Christian men can learn how to become winners by following the example of the young pastor in Texas, who began confessing that his membership was in the thousands. Soon his memebrship of more than 200 shrank to less than thirty memebers.

He believed that God was on his side and continued to confess that his minsitry was growing and successful.

Let's start with what you believe. Your heart is where the first change must take place. Christian men have to believe that the word of God does work and it will work for them.

You are what you believe. You have to stop thinking of yourself as a person who is constantly defeated.

Have Faith In God

IV Hillard

Having self confidence is okay, but faith in God is what will make the difference in the lives of Christian men. When their performance is backed up by God's power they'll get unbelievable results or what others call miracles.

It didn't happen overnight, but Rev. I V Hillard, the minister in our story did begin to see the membership of New Light Christian Church swell into the thousands because of his patientce, persistance and the principles of faith that he used to build his ministry.

Christian men can transform themselves from losers into winners by following Paul's advice (Roman 12) that says to renew your mind so you can prove what is the acceptable will of God.

Faith: God's Big Idea

stary sky

God pointed to the infinite number of stars in the night sky as an example of how numerous the descendants of Abraham would become someday. At the time, Abraham wasn't even a father. God's big idea was for him to have faith in his word.

Staring at passing cars doesn't offer bus riders reassurance that the bus will soon arrive, but it serves as a visual cue of what they are hoping for. This is exactly what God wants Christian men to do to strengthen their faith.

Learning how to handle waiting is a crucial step to maintain the trust in God you'll need to not waiver while your blessing is on the way.

5 Key Scriptures To Build Your Faith

Hebrews 11:1

I Corinthians 16:13

2 Corinthians 5:7

Mark 11:22

2 Peter 3:9

As its creator God has the ultimate power over everything on earth, above earth and in earth which means he has power over all things. He has given man access to this power through belief in him.

Faith was God's big idea for us to access this power. He left his word, The Bible, as a testament on how Christians can use this awesome power so we can make his kingdom come on earth, as it is in heaven.

Faith carries with it a lot of responsibility that Christians should know about, if you want more insight including how to grow your faith read some of the other post from this months series on faith.

Why Faith Is Important

table with food

The media constantly bombards us with negative images and discouraging news that builds insecurity in us, to trust God. However Christians know to place their faith in God who has always sustained his people, even in tough economic times. God's designed his system around the principles laid out in the Ten Commandments and The Holy Bible.

The opinion of people, the press or philosophers don't take precedence of the word of God. The Old Testament records how the nation of Israel wandered in the wilderness for forty years and God fed them and led them to water each and every day.

Have Faith In God
God's faithfulness can't be denied. If you order your life by his principles, his promises and his purpose, it will go well with thee and with thy children and prolong your days upon the earth. To some these may seem like idle words, but Christian's know that God will do all that he says and exceedingly abundantly more than you can imagine.

Just ask Morris Goodman, the man doctors have dubbed the miracle man. While attempting to land his airplane one afternoon Morris crashed. He suffered a broken neck, crushed spinal cord and every major muscle in his body was destroyed. He was no longer able to perform any bodily function except to blink his eyes. His injuries were too severe for him to survive. But Morris did survive and because of a strong faith in God, courage and determination.

Trusting God
When you trust God to cover you and protect you it shows that you have surrendered your will to him. This requires that you take on a new way of thinking. Instead of making decision based on feelings each choice becomes a character decision.

Christian men have to learn how to not compromise their Godly character by making choices based on principles rather than convenience. It's your character that's really being compromised when you make decisions that are not in line with the word of God. It shows that you lack trust and have little faith in God.

How To Grow Your Faith

people hearing the word

The Bible clearly states in Romans (10:13)that faith comes by hearing the word of God. Christian men that want to grow their faith will guard the ideas and information that they allow into their spirit. Sure you can get pumped up and mentally charged from listening to motivational speakers and a variety of products aimed at helping your emotional growth but only the word of God can build your faith.

In his letter to the Philippians, Paul reminds us that the thoughts we allow our minds to focus on are important too. We have to bring every thought into captivity.
Christians should think about things that are lovely, true and of good report.
This also applies to the kind of music, movies and the other messages that you listen to.

Don't get caught up in the vicious cycle of following deceptive practices and philosophies that are based on human tradition and principles rather than the word of God. Saturate your mind with the word instead.

3 Faith Building Keys

There are three ways that Christian men can build their faith and be encouraged by the Lord. First and foremost there is preaching, then there's prayer and of course praise. It's during these faith building activities that the inspired word of God can flow into the heart of Christians.

Growing your faith is important for you to be able to access the many benefits of our relationship with God. Love and power are two of the most important benefits made available under the covenant between God and man. One of the reasons that faith is vital to our Christian experience is that without faith it is impossible to please God.

The Ten Commandments A Continuing Commitment Between God and Man

members of 2008 NFL Hall of Fame

Through tear-filled eyes and sobering voices, the former players told about their commitment to their former teams and their families. The true character of the 5 men, recently inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame, shinned through, when most of them acknowledged that Almighty God had been a motivating force throughout their careers.

There are some lessons that once a Christian learns them, can change the rest of their life into the best of their life.

How Faith In God Can Change Your Life

Darrell Green stated Jesus saved my soul and changed my outlook on life. Because of him I learned I could be a man and walk right, have integrity, be honest, faithful and true.

Five-time Pro Bowler Emmitt Thomas mentioned that because of his rough upbringing, had it not been for the Lord and his ability to persevere he may not have made to the football hall of fame.

Fred Dean played in two Super Bowls with the San Francisco 49ers. He recounted in his hall of fame speech the importance of his relationship with God.

Why You Should Build Your Life On A Solid Foundation

This common thread that each inductee revealed described numerous benefits resulting from their commitment to God.

I think Art Monk’s son, James Monk Jr. said it best, he described how Art exemplifies the commandment to love thy neighbor by serving his community through Grace Covenant Church and the Good Samaritan foundation in inner city D.C.

He added, his dad success as a NFL player was because he built his career on a strong foundation, the strongest rock of all, Jesus Christ.

The Ten Commandments establishes both rules and blessings for Christians. The benefits that these Christian men are experiencing as members of the Hall of Fame can be traced to how they have honored God over the years and how God has rewarded them for their obedience.