Faith: How to Focus on Winning Instead of Losing

Words are the tools that empower faith. Situations are created by the words that you say. The Holy Bible states the power of life and death are in the tongue (Pr 18:21). So how do you go from using your own words to defeat yourself, to building a winning vocabulary?

Christian men can learn how to become winners by following the example of the young pastor in Texas, who began confessing that his membership was in the thousands. Soon his memebrship of more than 200 shrank to less than thirty memebers.

He believed that God was on his side and continued to confess that his minsitry was growing and successful.

Let's start with what you believe. Your heart is where the first change must take place. Christian men have to believe that the word of God does work and it will work for them.

You are what you believe. You have to stop thinking of yourself as a person who is constantly defeated.

Have Faith In God

IV Hillard

Having self confidence is okay, but faith in God is what will make the difference in the lives of Christian men. When their performance is backed up by God's power they'll get unbelievable results or what others call miracles.

It didn't happen overnight, but Rev. I V Hillard, the minister in our story did begin to see the membership of New Light Christian Church swell into the thousands because of his patientce, persistance and the principles of faith that he used to build his ministry.

Christian men can transform themselves from losers into winners by following Paul's advice (Roman 12) that says to renew your mind so you can prove what is the acceptable will of God.

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