Faith-How to Access the Power of God

ben Priest, Tribe of Judah

Ben's grandmother pulled out a tattered calendar marking the days and nights that God had awakened her to pray for him. The dates told their own story. How he'd survived a fire. How he'd miraculously lifted a Lincoln Continental off his stomach and walked away. Each miraculous escape from death was preceded by a prayer of faith.

Today Ben Priest, from the Tribe of Judah, a Christian motorcycle club knows how to access the power of God for himself. Before accepting Christ into his life he seldom prayed and never dreamed that his life would become a living testimony of faith.

Power to Witness

Christ told his disciples that God was about to unleash his power upon men (Acts 1:8). This power is available to all who call upon the name of Jesus. He also wants us to use this power to share his word, the truth, with the others.

The world needs Christian men to become missionaries, preachers and teachers of God's word. We are told in Th Bible to not worry about what we will say because God will send the holy spirit to guide us as we talk to others about our faith in Christ.

Power to Overcome

Christians have been given access to the power of God to enable us to overcome the evil one.

The Bible warns us to guard our spiritual condition. When Paul explained it to the Ephesians (6:12) he told them to protect themselves with the armour of God. Faith, salvation, truth and righteousness are among the weapons Christian men need to battle spiritual wickedness.

The power comes through spending time in prayer and meditating on God's word.

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