A List Of The Ten Commandments

stone tablets

(Here is a list of the Ten Commandments)

The Bible describes a day of judgment that will be like a red-hot furnace with flames that burn up proud and sinful people, as though they were straw and reminds us to never forget the laws and teachings given to Moses on Mount Sinai (Malachi 4:4).

Those Ten Commandments are part of God's covenant with believers. In Moses' era covenants were a serious matter that involved the shedding of blood and symbolized a life-time commitment.

Despite the promise of their personal success and that of their descendants, people living then and now consistently violate God's laws. Few Christians, if any, can claim that they have fulfilled the requirements for honoring their parents, keeping the sabbath, or not using God's name in vain.

Those who have excepted Jesus will receive forgiveness and those who don't will experience God's wrath which is covered in "What are the Ten Commandments and Why They Should Matter To You."

God's Laws for 21'st Century Christians

The necessity of maintaining these laws for Christians today is just as important as it was over 2000 years ago when they were written by the hand of God.
Man has never been able to live in this physical realm without laws, rules and regulations. Adam was told what he could and couldn't eat in the Garden of Eden. He too failed to follow God's command.

Every Christian has a list of rules and laws they follow. Most of us never violate the book full of rules that the IRS uses to govern our taxes, because failure to adhere to any one of them can land you in prison. No one knowingly breaks any of the rules set by their employer, because they want to keep their jobs.

However when it comes to The 10 Commandments, Christians seem to run roughshod over them, breaking some of them on the list, several times a day, without thinking about the real harm they are bringing on themselves. It's not because they aren't posted everywhere we go, to help us remember them either.

Live, Teach and Know The 10 Commandments

The Bible states we shouldn't become fixated with the physical imagery of God and that should include his Commandments. After all none of them are the original stone tablets so it's useless to get all huffy about copies, when it seems that most people would rather forget about them than be reminded of the spiritual consequences of their actions.

Finally what really matters is that The Ten Commandments are written on our hearts and visible through a Christian's character, rather than merely crafted into a work of art and displayed on walls.

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