3 Key Things Christian Businessmen Need to Know About Doing Business Online.

Tony Dungy holding Superbowl trophy

If you’re a Christian businessman who would like to know the proper way to establish a web presence for their business. Let me shed some light on a few of the things that must be addressed for your website to be successful.

According to Pew Research “Almost 93% of internet users say they have done something related to E-commerce”. That means people are shopping and searching online for information to make a purchase everyday.

To achieve a web presence and capitalize on new streams of income by doing business online, Christian businessmen have to remember,
the principles of selling never change.
Here are three key things you should know.

Know your target audience.

Just like with any business do your research to define your ideal customer. This will help you narrow down the best prospects and where on the web they are spending the most time.

Know how to develop an identity for your online brand.

Creating a user friendly experience is essential if you expect to keep your customers coming back.

Know how to use technology to enhance the functionality of your site.

Flash and bling should be used to ease your customers shopping experience and not just to show off your product.

Each of these dimensions should accent each other in your web presence and aid in building strong relationships with your customers and visitors.

In a recent interview best selling author and Super bowl winning head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, Tony Dungy, stated that you can be successful at anything, if you make God a part of it.

Couple that first hand encouragement from Tony with Matthew 7:7-9, that says “ask and it shall be given unto you,” and the knowledge that the online market has grown to over $34. billion in the third quarter of 2007.

Then ask yourself. Why shouldn’t more Christian businessmen be considering taking their products online?

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His-Follower said...

Exactly. The same things that Christians should know doing business anywhere.

I look forward to reading more of your insights.

God's peace,
Cristy S
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