Website Design and Content For Christian Businesses

Content may be king, but it will be ignored without an effective website design and content strategy. Writeonbro web content and design specializes in helping Christian, small and homebased businesses develop quality website designs and web content that can attract more of the right customers to their website.

Here’s a recent example of some of our results.

We consulted with a Christian business owner in Houston who was in the highly competitive flower business. He felt challenged by his old website it was just too technical for him to really understand.
As a result he had spent a bunch of money for a website that never got off the ground. He was willing to do some of the work himself, but really didn’t know what to do or where to get help.

Web Design Case Study

The Writeonbro web design team started working with the local florist to build a web presence and a website for a lot less than he had been paying. The results are as follows:

His website is listed on page #1 of Google for florist in his zip code.
He regularly gets inquiries from customers who found his business using the Internet on one of the free services that we recommended for his web presence.
He generated his first online sale and is now able to make a few sales each month.
The business owner is delighted to be finally getting a steady flow of good paying customers from the website.
The people contacting him from the Internet are ready to spend money instead of just shopping around for prices.
He now knows and understands the importance of having an effective content strategy that is aligned with the right font types, key words and phrases that will attract more traffic to his website and social networking profiles.

All from following just a few of the details that we have given him so far. By the time he has completed the whole list he should be raking in some serious cash.

Briefly what we do:

We help organizations build their online marketing strategy, organize their websites to execute that strategy. We offer specialized services (website design and management, e-commerce and content management) to help small and homebased businesses accomplish the goals of their content strategy.

Our services can be as simple as offering suggestions and ideas or as detailed as one on one consulting to help Christian business owners develop the right skill set, personal networks and strategic thinking about building their online business.

Owners of most small businesses prefer to stick to the core task that make them money and let us do the heavy lifting needed for web design, e-commerce and marketing to Christians online because we have a knowledgeable team of professionals and very reasonable rates.

Core Services We Offer:

* Blog Design
* Landing Pages
* Building Custom Forms For Webpages
* Local (Houston) Search Engine /online Marketing Campaigns
* Website Analytics ( pageviews, unique visits, popular keywords, referring websites and much, much more!)
* Video Marketing/ Uploading Videos
* Mobile Marketing
* Copywriting (including Articles, Press Releases, Blog Posts, Website Content)
* Link Building (including Social Bookmarking, Directory and Search Engine Submissions)
* Website Management

Our company is located in Houston Texas. However our web design and website content services are adaptable for Christian businesses, small businesses and home-based businesses in any market. We specialize in helping women, veterans and minority businesses develop, improve and execute effective website designs and content,

You might feel that I’m speaking another language, don’t worry as you learn more about the Internet and how it can empower your business the picture will get clearer.

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