Internet Resources For Christian Businesses

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In Proverbs 15 we are reminded that without effective counsel, our may plans go bust, but you can increase your chance of success, if you'll have a multitude of counselors.

This divine principle holds true for Christian businesses too. If you are Christian just starting your own business or an established company,

you may not have access to expensive consultant, but you can obtain a similar benefit from useful internet resources. The key is to find portals that will give you fresh information on running your company.

Useful Web Sites

I've got several that I consult when I need to get my creative juices flowing. A recently discovered a a couple of websites with resources that are right on time and tips that are right on target.

"Business-Know-How" is one of them. Their easy to understand ideas, advice and resources are geared for success. Many of them can be easily implemented by any Christan businessman.

Tips And Information For Entrepreneurs

Christian entrepreneurs can find thought provoking articles on starting a business, E-commerce, growth and leadership.

Concentrating your sales and marketing efforts on these areas will help you build a better Christian business.

A few of the articles that I'd highly recommend are:

Principles for Inspiring Employees

The Secret to Making More Money with Less Effort

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