There is a group of Christians that need your prayers. If you would like to stand in faith with them here are some of the details that you should know about them.

“We know God works through human beings. We know God sent you here. The condition of our women is so difficult. My brother was killed; I will never return to Ethiopia again. Here we are drinking dirty water. Those who die will die. On a typical day we get up early to pray. Then the women go to fetch leaves. Some of the men look for firewood, or fetch water to help their wives.”

These are the words from a Sudanese Christian who was only identified as Male#8. Can you imagine living in a refugee camp depending upon dirty water and very little if any food. Only through faith in God is he strengthened, knowing that his prayers may be the only thing that can keep him alive.
Here are more firsthand accounts of these Christians desperate fight for existence.

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