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This weekend was full of excitement in H-Town......

This weekend was full of excitement in H-Town... If you weren't lucky enough to catch Dialogue with Ada Edwards on Praise 92.1FM Saturday morning then let me give you taste of what you missed out on.

Keith Summerfield (St. Johns UMC) shared about his experiences as a young African American man who doesn't feel the need dress to impress, but that it's what's on the inside of a mans' heart that makes the real difference....after all it's not the clothes that make the man, but the man that makes the clothing look good or bad.

Dr. Annette M. Howard...told how stress can become difficult to manage without proper care for your physical well being....high blood pressure diabetes are just a few of the ailments that stress can trigger....cost of treating these maladies are climbing to over $300 billion annually.

IN THE WARD........

Everyone needs to be familiar with the HAPS (Home buyers Assistance Program).... They provide $ 19,500 to $34,000 down payment assistance for low to moderate income Houstonians. If you reside or plan to reside in several targeted neighborhoods, you may even be able to buy a new home through this program....just about all of the Wards .... Trinity Gardens and Houston Gardens are places on the list in Northeast Houston... Sunnyside...SouthUnion...or South side communities that are part of this target market.
This is all a part of the Homecoming Initiatives, from the Mayor's office , that is trying to improve the city's blighted areas...helping to keep the history of the communities intact while encouraging new growth.


Real Life 8am to noon (except 7/30 - ALL DAY) (Community) Ongoing Event, Ends 7/31/2007Location: Tes Prep SE Campus
This program is geared to help the students realize that the decisions that they are making now going into high school are very important to their future. Program includes financial, career and college planning for 70+ low-income high school students

DON'T FORGET.....The Men's Conference this week at New Light ...Pastor Val Adams has an event this week I was in such a hurry that I didn't get to write all of the information down but the next time you pass by Canaan Baptist Church on Lockwood @ 610 you can see it for yourself.

Expect to see some new changes and format for this blog in the near future .....until then

Pray for me and I'll pray for you !

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