Looking for places to hang-out, things to do, talk to one of the brothers at your Church. You do attend Church, regularly? Ask them when does the City-wide Brotherhood meet or about volunteer opportunities at the church.
If they are reluctant at first try and try again. Some of the other things that you can focus your time doing is visiting NA and AA meetings , doesn't matter if you have done drugs or drank liquor , whether you realize it or not we all have some kind of addiction. These meetings can provide an outlet for you to unload some of the baggage that most Brothers carry around from year to year, before it gets too heavy and you end up pushing it around in a shopping cart.
The Men's Center and Alive and Kicking are two that I recommend. They are easy to find and both easily accessible by metro. The best part is that they are just as effective as most counseling session with a physcologist but better because they are free sessions.

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