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If you are a Christian businessperson, webmaster or marketer you are probably familiar with the Old Testaments account of Saul and the witch of Endor. After the demise of his spiritual advisor, the Prophet Samuel, King Saul felt that he was unable to find credible, trustworthy counseling among his peers. He decided to seek out a witch, to conjure the spirit of the dead prophet. It proved to be a deadly mistake.

I imagine someone reading this right now may have that same uneasy feeling today, because they don't know where to turn to get credible d-i-y help and advice with their small business and or website.

The Internet is a marketplace is full of charlatans. If you are looking someone who you can depend on to shoot straight and give you real world advice for your business and websites? Here is some good news, you don't have to go looking for a psychic.

I believe that as Christian business owners we’re kingdom building, which places us on the front line of spiritual warfare. The only way we can succeed and not be defeated is for us to be in touch with God, with ourselves, and with others of like faith.

Get Help With D-I-Y Web Design

The enemy of our souls hates us and is targeting us, our businesses and our families, in order to minimize our effectiveness. We need divine help, that comes from the Lord and we need to be able to strengthen, encourage and network with other fellow kingdom-minded business owners.

If you are struggling with web design, marketing, or any other business issues and you don't know who to trust and where to turn to get the help you need? I want you to know that you can always call on me for assistance.

I'm looking to connect with some other Christian web masters and businessmen who understand the biblical principle of iron sharpening iron. And they want to get in touch with other kingdom-minded Christian business owners regularly through the internet.

I don’t envision (WIT) being a formally structured fellowship. Rather, I expect it to develop organically and grow naturally.

Free Conference Calls

We will spend time getting to know each other, discussing critical business issues and praying together. In the process we will be sharpening each others skills and encouraging one another. In addition to sharing best practices we'll hear from outstanding Christian leaders who will be guests on some of our conference calls.

We will connect with via regular conference calls, occasional in-person gatherings, and by any other means we choose. When feasible (and as needed/requested), private counseling and support will be available to businesses in crisis.

Connect With Christian Business Owners

So if you’re a Christian business owner who values the biblical principle of fellowship. You already know there are some powerful benefits that come from connecting with me and other kingdom-minded business people. Please call or send your name and contact info, and I’ll get back to you personally.

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