Have you visited the virtual prayer wall? Leave a prayer, light a candle, what a cool way to show solidarity with other believers. This newest Christian community is growing by leaps and bounds and adding new services to it's marketing mix. has added social networking to the list of services that already include user-generated and live webcasting. While there already exists other Christian websites with similar offerings (,,,, is the first to offer all three services.

And the triple-combination formula has been working.

The family-friendly website increased its traffic by 973 percent in past months and is streaming more than 1.5 million hours of videos.


Have you had the chance to review this article:
Jesus' Birthplace to Host Major Christmas Eve Festival

Ethan Cole
Christian Post Reporter
Tue, Dec. 18 2007 01:42 PM ET

Bethlehem had a Christian majority which made up 62 percent of its population. But now, the population of believers has fallen to a historic low of about 15 percent due to the continuous exodus of Christians escaping persecution by radical Muslims, according to the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews.
This report leaves the reader wondering about other changes that might happen in this area. Will these new faces change more than just the religious make up of the community? What about future celebrations in this historic place for Christians?
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Consider this…
Are you falling into the trap of a behavior, substance or relationship that is gaining more and more control in your life? Now is the time to recognize it. Now is the time to admit it. Now is the time to get help.

Remember, God loves you unconditionally. Ask Him to show you the way out. Seek and you will find His love, His forgiveness and His help.

Read this devotional from that can inspire and encourage you to climb out from below any weight that has become a burden.


If you want to survive, and thrive, this--or any--holiday season, remember that charity starts with an individual giving to another individual. Always has, and always will. Payroll deductions alone do NOT prove ONE'S liberality!
It only takes a small effort for each one to reach one. Make a personal decision to touch someone's life and not just settle into to comfort zone of "I gave at the office" or leaving it up to others.


The holiday season is upon us and many of us will have fond memories of the visits with family and friends, but for some this may be a traumatic, troubling, tough experience brought on by the anxiety of dealing with our family members.
For some insight into how others handle this same issue checkout
"How To Survive The Holiday Hell Zone!" by Mike Ramey author of The Manhoodline at Black Christian .com


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